Chinmai Cotton Fabric

The combination of large and small threads with special methods leads to the pattern of the fabric that is similar to handwoven fabric and unique.

Chinmai Cotton Fabric

The combination of large and small threads with special methods leads to the pattern of the fabric that is similar to handwoven fabric and unique.

Number (yards)
Number (yards)

Main Features

  • Combines large and small threads in weaving.
  • Has a pattern that is unique and similar to handwoven fabric.

Fabric Pattern



44-45 inches

Recommended Usages in Production

  • Shirt
  • Trousers
  • Skirt
  • Baby Clothes
  • Pillowcase
  • Placemat
  • Curtain
  • Tote Bag
  • Dress


  1. The color of the fabric shown on the website might be distorted from the real products due to different device screens.
  2. Color which has the sign “SS” means Super Soft.

Main Features of
Dobbytex’s Cotton Fabric

Super-soft Fabric

Every type of our cotton fabric was softened to achieve the most comfortable cloth.

Looking Great and Staying in Shape

As we carefully consider customers’ usage, we select a mid-weighted thread that can be draped and comfortable, making the fabric look good and stay in shape.

Handwoven-like Texture

We produce our fabric texture by duplicating the handwoven texture. We design our product to have overlaps of thread to create different patterns on the texture.

and Consistent Coloration

Our cotton was dyed at high temperatures, so it is not easily discolored and is consistently colored. (Discoloration that may happen comes from powder color stuck outside of the fabric, not inside).

Can Be Tailored
without Wasting the Edge of Fabric

We use a specific weaving machine to produce our cotton fabric so that the edge of the fabric will not be lost and can be used immediately.


How much is the cotton fabric?

You can inquiry thought our website by sending the details including quantity, color, delivery destination, delivery service, and contact, we will send a quotation and further detail as fast as possible.

How long is the width of fabric?

44-45 inches

How long is a roll/stick/fold of fabric?

Approximately about 100-120 yards.

What is the weight of a roll of fabric?

Chinmai cotton fabric and Bamboo weave cotton fabric weigh around 20-30 kg per roll. Kob cotton fabric weighs around 15 kg per roll.

Is Dobbytex’s cotton fabric discolored?

Since every piece of fabric is carefully dyed at high temperatures, purified, and softened, it will certainly not be discolored. Nonetheless, discoloration might happen on the first or second wash of the fabric where color powder may stick. This color does not come from the fabric itself. Moreover, several factors may lead to discoloration, such as inappropriate washing and certain washing powder.

Is Dobbytex’s cotton fabric shrunk

Our cotton fabric is purified and softened but is not sanforized. From our experimentation and feedback, 95% of customers say shrinking was not found. Moreover, several factors may cause cotton to shrink, such as using hot water for washing instead of room-temperature water and using a dryer instead of drying normally in the air.

What types of cotton fabric can be tie-dyed?

Every type of our fabric can be tie-dyed, but its color must be soft-white, white, off-white, or unbleached. What we recommend are Kob Cotton, Chinmai Cotton, Dobby Cotton, and Bamboo Cotton.

What types of cotton fabric can be used in the house, for home textiles, or furniture, such as a pillowcase, sofa, curtain, napkin, or dish towel?

For pillowcases and curtains, we recommend Chinmai Cotton and Bamboo Weave Cotton Fabric. For napkins and dish towels, we recommend Kob Cotton and Salu Cotton.

How long does printed fabric take to produce? (

After we finalize the detail for printing and the types of cotton that the customer needs, it takes 14-20 days.

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