Ready-to-use high-quality cotton fabric was produced and designed with special methods to achieve soft, comfortable, breathable, and suitable for any type of tailoring.


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Chinmai Cotton Fabric

The combination of large and small threads with special methods leads to the pattern of the fabric that is similar to handwoven fabric and unique.

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Bamboo Cotton Fabric

Utilizing the unique characteristic of weaving with different sizes creates a pattern that looks like bamboo. (We do not actually use bamboo fiber in this fabric.)

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Kob Fabric

It is the use of cotton yarn for weaving and bleaching light colors. It undergoes a shrinking process to create a pattern on the fabric that resembles 'frog skin'.

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Thick Kob Fabric

It is a special thick cotton yarn that is woven and bleached, soft through a shrinking process to create a pattern on the fabric similar to 'frog skin'.

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Cotton dobby

Special cotton fabric, woven pattern in the body. The yarn pattern is embossed. In addition, it can be used to tie natural and chemical dyes.

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Dobby Curve Out Fabric

Cotton fabric whose pattern is long-vertical striped and convex. Each column in the pattern has a different size. Looks classic and comfortable.

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Cotton with Thai print

Cotton is good at absorbing sweat. Good heat dissipation, hard to wrinkle, good water absorption, heat resistance, which customers can order to produce Thai prints.

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Dok keaw fabric

from the existing fabric pattern, but still use weaving resulting in a strange pattern that looks strange like the pollen of a glass flower

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