Increase the value of export products by choosing Oriental Style cotton.

7 November 2022

Ideas to create value for export products as well.Cotton Fabric

When our world has technology as the main force that drives businesses to arise, grow or change rapidly in the blink of an eye. I can't deny that Planning the same marketing without caring about the products or services that are like the heart that will help the business to continue to grow steadily. Can it really meet the rapidly changing needs of consumers? Therefore, it is one of the major pitfalls that make businesses being overtaken by both direct and indirect competitors. which results in the loss of market share

therefore The key thing that will help the business to grow and earn more stable than competitors in the market. In addition to the business must constantly develop products and services to meet the needs of consumers on a regular basis. Businesses also need to present innovations or new selling points that are clear and unique. To help create stories that can capture the attention of consumers to buy or tell about our products or services.

Today we would like to take everyone to know one of the creative ideas that have been used materials in the form of Oriental Style or Cotton Fabricof Thailand to apply to help add value and price to traditional export products and help businesses to turn back and grow beyond competitors in the market again.

What is Oriental Style?

Oriental Style is one of the design styles that uses natural decorative materials such as wood, bamboo, mulberry paper, pottery orhand woven cottonThai products are used to design and decorate products to be modern and in line with the changes that occur in each era. But still able to reflect the cultural roots, way of life, including the beliefs of the orient as well

in general Much of the Oriental design design focuses on bringing out the dark colors. to combine with the distinctive and unique culture of the Eastern countries for example Chinese-style designs are often decorated with pearl and red, which is an auspicious color that represents spirituality. Confidence and power according to Chinese beliefs while the design in Balinese style focuses on basketry. that conveys simplicity and naturalness that is warm and beautiful And for designs in Thai style, silk is popular. hand woven cotton ornative cotton applied to present the beauty and uniqueness in Thai style, etc.

Why Oriental Style ?

oriental style It is one of the styles of design that is full of beauty and distinctive elements rooted in nature, including animals, plants, elements and colors that can convey the traditional culture and spirit of the orient. India, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, North Africa and the Middle East. at the best Which is different from the Western style that focuses on the design with simplicity, but with a touch of luxury and suitability for each class of users.

As a result, the design works in oriental style. especially with printed fabrics Therefore, it can convey the aura of the oriental nation in a distinctive, beautiful and more delicate manner. Because these printed fabrics are designed with a combination of striking and contrasting colors in mind. until resulting in a combination of fabric patterns that look unusually luxurious And most importantly, the patterns that appear on printed fabrics or cotton in oriental style. There will be a variety of forms and shapes. This could be a mandala or sacred circle from India, a floral pattern or a Turkish paisley pattern, and it could be decorated with Indian or Moroccan-style ornaments. as well as the use of animal or plant motifs in dark tones This is one of the foundations for creating beautiful oriental style works that are typical of the traditional oriental nation.

Why is it popular?Cotton Fabricto be used in Oriental Style?

Cotton Fabric Or cotton (Cotton) is one of the fabrics that are woven from cotton fibers. Which is an ancient natural fiber that has been used for knitting and weaving since ancient times. Because the apparel is woven from cotton, it is soft, comfortable to wear, strong and durable. In addition, cotton can also be used to make silkscreen in floating color, sinking color, as well as screen printing. without fear of spoiling the fabric As a result, cotton has been applied as a material for designs in oriental style today. In addition to adding value and price to traditional export products, it also helps to differentiate and enhance the contemporary identity of traditional Thai cotton fabrics to be valuable and very popular. more

which in bringingCotton Fabricused as a material for that design Usually there is a change in the form ofhand woven cottonNewly developed with a creative design in knitting and weaving cotton Including the decoration of cotton fabrics with new techniques such as adding special yarns. Or design creative fabric patterns by designing new prints, writings, or embroidery designs. to be more modern To help get beautiful cotton have a unique identity and has the power to best express the culture and story of the Eastern nation To be able to attract the attention of customers and add real value to export products.

Cotton FabricOriental Style is commonly used in what works?

clothes, accessories costume

Cotton FabricOriental Style can be applied to a variety of designs. But in general, cotton is used to add value to clothing items. costume including jewelry and handbag Oriental cotton clothing and apparel was one of the most popular fabric styles in the 90s. other types of fabrics as well Therefore, it is popular to be sewn into dresses, shirts, coats or loose pants. Due to the advantages of cotton fabric that is breathable and absorbs moisture well. So it can be worn comfortably. It also increases freedom of movement. Therefore, it is suitable for wearing on all occasions of weekdays, work days and holidays, especially in the summer. Wearing an oriental-style cotton garment with a thin, colorful scarf that can be used to cover the head or neck. It is another style that is no less attractive.

furniture for interior decoration

The application of oriental style with furniture design for interior decoration. It is one of the ways to highlight traditional furniture or home decor with more variety, elegance, and more traditional craftsmanship details.Cotton FabricThe oriental style can be applied in a wide variety of applications. whether to bringBamboo Cotton FabricIt is used for the manufacture of curtains or cushion covers for use with rattan or leather sofas. Bringing cotton Dobby to sew curtains or pillowcases. including bringingCotton FabricOther types of prints are printed and sewn into bedspreads or tablecloths. To help create luxury, outstanding and create a new atmosphere for the residence perfectly.

Dobby Tex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We are the manufacturer. and distributeCotton Fabric hand woven cotton andnative cottonComprehensive quality that has been operating for more than 20 years byCotton FabricOur products go through a good production process, bleaching and dyeing in every step. And there are more than 70 colors to choose from. We also provide advice and consulting services on adding value to products.Cotton Fabric Dobbytex For customers who want to produce cotton products such as fashion clothes, covers, bags, hats, home textiles, pillowcases, bedspreads, curtains and other accessories, just come to us. We will be a manufacturer of calico, bleaching, dyeing and printing in every step, with delivery services both domestically and internationally. To help customers get ready-made cotton fabrics that are ready to be cut and sold immediately.

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