What is the difference between hand-woven cotton and machine-woven cotton?

6 December 2022

hand woven cotton reflecting the charm and uniqueness of the Thai way of life

Have you ever wondered? why there is a big difference between high and low prices of cotton… The more fabrics that are made from most natural fibers. There is always one important factor in determining the price is the production method. like cotton fabric as well, there are both styles hand woven cotton and machine-woven cotton The price will vary.

When do you buy clothes? And then glanced at the detail label of that dress that is cotton 100%, which means that the shirt or pants are made of cotton. And don't be surprised that the cost of a garment is higher than non-cotton 100% unless you find another fabric labeled "100%". hand woven cotton Will it cost even more?!… So why does the same cotton have different prices? In this article, dobbytex fabric has the answer, and before we discuss the factors of cotton fabric that are different in price. We would like to introduce you to this type of fabric in detail a little bit.

What is cotton?

Cotton is a fabric made from the fibers of the cotton plant. Which in English is called Cotton or cotton fabric that many people are familiar with and prefer to choose this type of fabric to produce clothes to wear. Because the properties of cotton are soft, airy and because cotton has channels between the fibers, it can release heat well. It also dries quickly with that. The production process of cotton is to bring small cotton fluff. be spun into yarn and then woven into fabric The process of spinning yarn and weaving to make cotton into a piece of cloth itself. that makes the factor of price hand woven cotton and weaving with different machines

In fact, cotton or cotton is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. Because there are many archaeological evidence that indicates that cotton was grown and spun for more than 3,000 BC. Cotton was discovered in the ruins of the Mohenjo daro archaeological site in present-day Pakistan's Indus Valley. Because the cotton plant grows well in warm, humid and sunny areas. People who settled in ancient Asia Therefore, the fibers of cotton can be woven into soft clothing. So do not be surprised why archaeologists can find hand woven cotton available in this bar

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Data from atlasbig.com ranks among the world's top cotton-producing countries. Number one is India. By producing up to 6,188,000 tons per year, the second is China. Third and fourth are the United States and Pakistan. The demand for cotton among consumers both in Thailand and abroad around the world is increasing steadily. Bangladesh and Turkey saw an increase in cotton consumption of 50,000 tonnes, and other countries. with increased demand for cotton such as the United States, Brazil and Vietnam Global cotton consumption has exceeded 26 million tonnes, while production capacity has decreased. Therefore, the price trend of cotton during the year 2021-2022 is rising.

For example, Thailand itself can produce about 5,000 tons of cotton per year, while the demand of consumers is about 3-4 hundred thousand tons per year, so we have to import cotton from abroad more than 90% of the total production. to be used to produce clothing and textiles such as hand woven cotton This is because Thailand is unable to produce enough cotton to meet the needs of domestic consumers.

In addition to the conditions of global consumer demand, the ability to produce cotton. that affects the price of cotton There are two other main factors that make the price of cotton cheaper or more expensive: the process of spinning the yarn and the process of weaving cotton into a piece. In general, there are two main processes: hand weaving and machine weaving.

hand woven cotton” What is the difference between cotton weaving machines?

Start from the process of spinning cotton into yarn. In general, the spinning of cotton yarn is There are differences as follows:

• Yarn from spinning cotton by machine : It will look like a consistent line. Strong, durable and cheap When weaving, it weighs more than weaving by hand.

• Hand-spun cotton yarn: There will be uneven lines as using a machine. but will look thicker which is regarded as one of the charms of hand weaving And this is what makes handwoven cotton more expensive.

The weaving process is different as follows.

hand woven cotton : It is cotton fabric that is woven by hand weaving workers into fabric almost every step. from the process of spinning cotton into yarn to weaving to create patterns and colors or weaving into pieces to be used in the production of clothing There are many types of weaving techniques depending on the ability and method of each locality, such as dyeing the yarn before weaving. Or woven and then dyed the whole piece, etc., which weaving by hand causes the firmness and pattern may be uneven. But it is one of the charms of hand weaving.

And because of the complexity and takes quite a long time to get each piece of hand-woven cotton, therefore, the price is quite high. The price will vary depending on the delicacy and difficulty of the weaving techniques. including the choice of yarn If the yarn of machine spun cotton is selected It will be cheaper than spinning by hand.

• Cotton weaving machine : is a cotton fabric that has been woven by a machine which has a production process that can specify the color, pattern and size of the width and length as needed The cotton that is woven by the machine will have a uniform smoothness of the threads, unlike hand-woven cotton, in which the cotton that is woven by the machine is a finished woven fabric that can be sewn immediately. It is commonly used to produce clothes, bed sheets, blankets or other textiles.

and with the machine's fast production process making machine-woven cotton fabrics cheaper If you use more cotton yarn that is spun by a machine, it will make the cotton fabric even cheaper. On the contrary, if the yarn is hand-spun, the price will move higher.

Therefore, we can summarize the differences of “hand woven cotton” There are 3 types of machine weaving cotton, that is, each step of the production process is different, the different characteristics of the cotton fabric produced by different methods. And the price that is expensive is different.

why "hand woven cotton"To be expensive?

The price factor that makes cotton fabric cheap is expensive. As we have said, there are prices for cotton that we may have to import. Or even growing cotton in the country is considered the main cost of cotton production. The price may vary according to consumer demand and cotton production capacity. In addition, there is also the matter of labor costs in production. Which, as we all know, is that human labor is more expensive than machine labor. But the thing that human workers still have advantages over machines is It is the unique arts and craftsmanship that make hand-woven cotton fabric always attractive to both Thai and foreign consumers.

Because in addition to being a Thai handicraft product used to make clothes This is a simple but very durable fabric. With the quality of natural fibers from cotton. Colors and patterns from Thai craftsmanship in making hand woven cotton It also reflects the charm and identity of the Thai way of life. which despite how expensive it is it is still a must of consumers both inside and outside the country.

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