Shinmai cloth can be sewn into what?

30 November 2022

Shinmai fabricor clothShinmai Cotton It is machine-woven cotton with a tight texture. have a unique pattern

For people who like clothes that are sewn with cotton. You probably know well that Shinmai cotton or Shinmai fabric. It is a type of cotton that is very popular becauseShinmai fabricIt is a cotton fabric that is woven using a mixture of small and large yarns. Therefore resulting in a pattern that looks like a line, similar to hand-woven cotton. Therefore, it is a unique fabric that is pleasant to use.

Shinmai fabric can be sewn into a variety of costumes. and also suitable to be sewn into various utensils as well becauseShinmai fabricIt is a fabric with a tight texture. When cut into clothes, the dress is in a beautiful shape. and because Shinmai fabric gives a natural touch When sewing into various utensils, it gives a soft feeling.

leadershipShinmai fabriccame to sew into clothes and costumes can be sewn into a set in many forms as follows

• shirt Shinmai fabricIt can be sewn into a shirt in many shapes. Both long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts, yukata robes, Chinese collar shirts, Thai-style sleeveless shirts. and crop top with a texture that looks like hand-woven fabric Therefore, the shirt made from Shinmai fabric gives a natural feeling. and also comfortable to wear

• Native dress People who like to dress in traditional costumes Whether it's a traditional dress from the Northeast or a traditional dress from the North. It is often popular to use Shinmai fabric to sew into dresses because of the textureShinmai fabricthat can see the lines clearly making it look like the cloth weaved by the indigenous people which the sewing of traditional dresses with Shinmai fabric can be cut into Mor Hom dresses, Chao Nang dresses, hill tribe dresses, Lanna dresses, Kasalong shirts, Phu Thai native shirts or a tusk necklace

Spa shops, massage parlors, or restaurants with Thai or Balinese concepts can use Shinmai fabric to sew into employee uniforms as well.

• trousers pants made fromShinmai fabricis comfortable to wear because the fabric is soft and breathable The popular trouser shape is made from Shinmai fabric. There are wide-legged Japanese slacks, straight-fitting trousers, cropped trousers, labeled trousers, straight-leg trousers, meow trousers, or harem trousers.

• skirt Shinmai fabricCan be cut into many styles of skirts because with tightly woven fabric thus helping to make the skirt stay in a beautiful shape whether it is cut into a short or long Shinmai skirt narrow or flared or will be sewn into a pleated skirt and native skirt can do it all

• sarong, sarong Shinmai fabricThere are also fabrics that are suitable for sewing into sarongs or sarongs. because with a unique patterned fabric like a hand-woven fabric making it when sewn into a sarong or sarong It gives the feeling of an ancient dress as well.

• Dresses For those who love dresses Often popular to use Shinmai fabric to cut into local style dresses, both short and long styles, and there are both Shinmai dresses in Karen style. Shinmai dress, hill tribe style And also suitable for cutting into a beach dress as well

• Children's wear  with the softness of Shinmai fabric Therefore suitable for cutting into children's clothes as well can be cut into traditional Shinmai children's dresses Or a modern-style shirt and pants both.

and in addition to bringing Shinmai fabric to sew into clothes and costumes Shinmai cloth can also be sewn into various utensils as well.

• Pillowcase With soft fabrics and fabric patterns that look like hand-woven local fabrics It also gives a touch like being close to nature. Shinmai fabric is therefore suitable for sewing into pillow cases. Shinmai fabric can be sewn into cushion covers, bolster cases, and pillow cases from Shinmai fabric for use in spas.

• placemats, throw covers Shinmai fabric can also be sewn into a secondary fabric in many forms. Both place mats, coasters, pot mats, or can be used as furniture covers as well.

• curtain For those who like to decorate their homes in eco-style, minimal style or natural style. Shinmai cloth can also be sewn into curtains as well. Shinmai fabricCan be sewn into curtains in many styles and styles Both eyelet curtains or curtains at the top with eyelets hanging out, curtain neck baskets or built-in loop curtains, fold-out curtains where the eyelets are embedded in the top fabric and require a curtain rod to be inserted into the loop.

• cloth bag Eco-friendly, nature-preserving people tend to use Shinmai fabric to make a cloth bag. because the fabric is tight It has thickness and strength. It also gives a feeling of being close to nature. Shinmai fabric can be sewn into a non-lined or lined bag and can be usedShinmai fabricCan be made into a stationery bag or can be put in small things as well

Bringing Shinmai cloth to sew into clothes or belongings This saves a lot of budget. Because Shinmai cloth is a weaving machine. Therefore, the price is cheaper than hand-woven cotton. But even if it is a fabric woven by a machine Shinmai fabrics still have the same feeling as hand-woven cotton.Shinmai fabriccome to use both the texture and appearance of the Shinmai fabric when it is successfully sewn It looks like it's actually made of hand-woven cotton.

Looking forShinmai fabricCome to make a dress or want to use Shinmai cloth to make a product Especially the spa A massage shop that wants to use Shinmai cloth to sew into staff uniforms and to make pillow cases or schools that want to make native costumes for students and teachers Can choose to use Dobbytex's Shinmai fabric with a meticulous production process Make Dobbytex's Shinmai cloth have a unique pattern. There are also 72 colors to choose from, you can choose both natural tones and bright colors. Supports all your applications

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