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7 November 2022

cotton frogwhat does it look like and suitable to be sewn into anything

Cotton or cotton is a fabric made from natural fibers that is soft to the touch. and does not irritate the skin Some cotton fabrics are woven from pure 100% cotton fibers, but there are also synthetic cotton blends. like polyester into the fabric In order to adjust the cotton texture to the desired properties, 100% pure cotton is a rather tough fabric. but it is soft and good ventilation In addition, cotton fibers also help absorb sweat quickly. Therefore, it is the perfect fabric for cutting summer outfits. The disadvantage of 100% cotton is that the fabric is easily creased. lack of flexibility and tend to shrink easily after washing

The type of cotton can be divided according to the proportion of fibers mixed in the fabric as follows:

• Cotton or cotton cloth. Made from pure cotton fiber 100%, no other fiber blends. whether synthetic fibers or natural fibers cooling and absorb sweat well

• Cloth CV It is a cotton with a cotton fiber of 70 - 80% and a blend of polyester fibers of another 20 - 30%. The fabric is soft and fine. highly flexible So it can absorb sweat and breathe well.

• TC fabric It is a cotton blend of cotton fibers 30 – 35% and polyester fibers 65 – 70%. It is a non-shrink cotton fabric. Because the proportion of polyester fibers than cotton fibers, but there is a disadvantage is that this type of fabric is not very good at cooling.

Combining cotton with polyester fibers helps to make the fabric more flexible. It doesn't shrink as easily as 100% cotton fabric, and originally cotton didn't have as many patterns to choose from. Because it is a pattern of fabric fibers from normal weaving only. But nowadays there are many types of cotton fabrics to choose from. and one of them iscotton frog Or cotton frog skin (Bubble/Frog Skin) that is popularly used to cut casual wear. or various folk costumes

cotton frogIt is a fabric with cotton fibers being woven and bleached for softness. so that the residual color on the fabric comes off completely. The color of the cotton frog does not fall onto other clothes during washing. After that, when the frog cotton goes through the soft bleaching process. will be taken through the shrinking process To create a frog skin pattern on the fabric. The fabric will look like a small blister tightly arranged on the surface of the fabric similar to the pattern of the frog skin.

cotton frogIt is a soft cotton fabric. because it has been bleached and soft Can be dyed with a natural tie dye process or chemical dyes In addition, the fabric ofcotton frogIt is also well ventilated. Can be cut into shirts, blazers, pants, dresses, skirts, robes or children's wear.

cotton frogDobbytex's products are available in 2 types: frog cotton and thick frog skin cotton. by thick frog skin cotton Or thick frog cotton is different from normal frog cotton in that it is a fabric that is woven from cotton fibers with a special thickness. and thicker than cotton fibers that are woven into ordinary frog cloth

cotton frog There are 30 colors to choose from. The thick frog skin cotton. Or thick frog cotton, available in 10 colors, all shades of frog cotton. both normal and thick There are both shades that look harmonious with nature, such as blue, black, brown, gray, mangosteen peel color. This is a color suitable for cutting a traditional outfit, tribal outfit, or vintage casual wear. In addition, Dobbytex cotton frogs are available in bright hues such as red, turquoise, pink, and azure, which are shades suitable for various fashion garments such as shirts, bales. Crews, crop tops, shorts, five-pockets, or Japanese-style dresses.

cotton frog Dobbytex's have something special that sets it apart. That is, it is particularly soft. because it has undergone a soft bleaching process Therefore, the frog cotton fabric is especially soft. And Dobbytex's cotton frogs are not fading and the color is the same throughout the fabric. with the process of dyeing the fabric that uses high-temperature dyes for dyeing

And if you buy Dobbytex's frog cotton to sew clothes. You don't have to worry about the dress being out of shape because Dobbytex uses yarn made of high-quality cotton fibers that have weight and drape, making the dress sewn as well.cotton frog Dobbytex's stays in shape, doesn't wrinkle, doesn't crease, and adds a special touch with frog-skin pattern on the fabric. that feels like hand-woven fabric

cotton frogIt is a fabric that gives the feeling of being close to nature. With fabrics that match the concept of eco-friendly and eco-friendly. Therefore, it is very suitable for cutting cotton frogs into comfortable casual wear. So whether it's an eco friendly clothing brand or a spa or a traditional restaurant, You can also use Dobbytex cotton such as frog cotton or frog skin cotton. Go and sew all the clothes.

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