Properties of fabrics suitable for use in Home Textiles.

7 November 2022

Dobby Tex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and distributor of cotton andCotton FabricHand-woven, good quality for a complete range of Home Textiles

Because home is a place for everyone's body and mind to rest. No matter how tired or hard the story is Just come home and lay down on a warm bed or snuggle up on your favorite sofa. It can help our minds feel relaxed and at ease, and can help give us the strength to get up and continue living the next morning. resulting in the present Choosing to use items or home decorations made from different types of fabrics, especiallyCotton Fabric Whether it's curtains, tablecloths, pillowcases, bed sheets, carpets, including fabrics for upholstered furniture. Therefore, it is another idea that is getting more and more popular. Because these cottons can help create a more warm and comfortable atmosphere in our homes or condominiums. And it also helps us to get positive energy from our home every day.

For anyone who is wanting to start designing the interior of a residence by using decorations made from materials.Cotton Fabric Today we have good information about the nature. and propertiesCotton FabricSuitable for making a Home Textile for everyone. as an idea that everyone can choose to buy cotton that meets their needs as well as meet the style and atmosphere of the desired home To help make our home like a paradise look more beautiful, warm and livable.

Characteristics of fabrics for Home Textile

Each fabric has its own characteristics that arise from different manufacturing and processing processes that result in different properties and applications. In general, each fabric can be categorized according to the nature of knitting, all 3 patterns are:

In general, the nature of fabric used for home textiles such as curtains and furniture upholstery. Most will beCotton FabricWoven fabrics (Woven fabrics) because cotton has the ability to withstand heat. cleaning and abrasion resistance as well And we can also see knitted fabrics as a material for making household items and home decorations as well. for example sheer curtains and velvet, etc. However, for non-woven fabrics, most of them are not popular in making fabrics for home textiles because the consistency of the fabric is difficult to control. It can also not be used to knit or weave the pattern itself.

FeaturesCotton Fabricfor Home Textile

  1. Cotton FabricFor Home Textile must be waterproof.
    Water resistance is one of the most important properties for fabrics to be used in home textiles, especially withCotton Fabricfor upholstered furniture Because table furniture, sofas, chairs or cushions are more prone to spillage than other types of furniture, choosing fabrics for Home Textile that are water resistant is one of the ways that can be used. Help protect, maintain and help extend the life of various furniture in the home for a longer time.

    Most waterproof fabrics use a special weaving technique where polyester fibers are used to weave together with loose cotton fibers to create gaps between them. The fibers are large enough that water-repellent chemicals can penetrate thoroughly on the cotton fibers. An effective waterproof fabric should hold water for at least 35 minutes without leaking out. And it should be easy to clean and maintain for the most effective protection of the furniture.

  2. Cotton fabrics for home textiles must be flame retardant.
    One of the big problems that worries people who love to use different types of fabrics and cottons to use in home interior design would be inevitable in terms of fire prevention that may occur. unexpected because we all know that In general, each fabric has the property of being a good fuel that will cause a fire. Therefore, choosing to use cotton for Home Textile that has flame retardant properties is another factor that every homeowner should pay attention to. In order to increase the safety of both life and property in the home.

    by in productionCotton FabricFor Home Textiles with flame retardant properties, flame retardants are added to the fibers during the manufacturing process to produce cotton with properties that slow down the flames than conventional fabrics. To help reduce the severity in the event of a fire. And it gives people living in fire shelters a higher chance of survival. And in addition, most of the cotton with flame retardant properties tend to last up to 5 years longer and can be washed and ironed unrestricted. This reduces the efficiency of fire spreading. This is different from the type of fabric that has a fire retardant coating on the surface of the fabric, which is effective for only 7-8 months of use.

  3. Cotton FabricFor Home Textile must be resistant to sunlight.
    Sunlight is one of the major problems that often affect the aesthetics of the fabrics we use for home textiles, as sunlight has the ability to break down the pigment molecules and make the colors of things and decorations. from the fabric fading over time Therefore, choosing cotton fabrics for home textiles with sun-resistant properties will allow cotton fabrics to be used in Home Textile applications in areas that are regularly exposed to sunlight, such as curtains, bedspreads and Outdoor furniture upholstery Can maintain beauty for a lifetime

    Typically, making home textiles that don't have the property of being able to withstand sunlight and pollution has becomeCotton Fabricthat has the ability to withstand sunlight This can be done by producing special fibers by mixing colors with chemicals. Before being used to produce a yarn called Dyed Acrylic that can provide the same color that lasts more than 5 years without having to take care of anything difficult. And can also be cleaned easily as well.

Dobby Tex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We are the manufacturer. and distributeCotton Fabric andhand woven cotton Good quality for a comprehensive Home Textile that has been in business for more than 20 years byCotton FabricOur products go through a good production process, bleaching and dyeing in every step. And there are more than 70 colors to choose from. We also provide advice and consulting services on adding value to products.Cotton Fabric Dobbytex is for customers who want to produce cotton products such as fashion clothes, covers, bags, hats, home textiles, pillowcases, bedspreads, curtains and other accessories. Just come to us. We will be a manufacturer of calico, bleaching, dyeing and printing in every step, with delivery services both domestically and internationally. To help customers get ready-made cotton fabrics that are ready to be cut and sold immediately.

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