How much is the cotton fabric?

You can inquiry thought our website www.dobbytexfabric.com by sending the details including quantity, color, delivery destination, delivery service, and contact, we will send a quotation and further detail as fast as possible.

How long is the width of fabric?

44-45 inches

How long is a roll/stick/fold of fabric?

Approximately about 100-120 yards.

What is the weight of a roll of fabric?

Chinmai cotton fabric and Bamboo weave cotton fabric weigh around 20-30 kg per roll. Kob cotton fabric weighs around 15 kg per roll.

Is Dobbytex’s cotton fabric discolored?

Since every piece of fabric is carefully dyed at high temperatures, purified, and softened, it will certainly not be discolored. Nonetheless, discoloration might happen on the first or second wash of the fabric where color powder may stick. This color does not come from the fabric itself. Moreover, several factors may lead to discoloration, such as inappropriate washing and certain washing powder.

Is Dobbytex’s cotton fabric shrunk

Our cotton fabric is purified and softened but is not sanforized. From our experimentation and feedback, 95% of customers say shrinking was not found. Moreover, several factors may cause cotton to shrink, such as using hot water for washing instead of room-temperature water and using a dryer instead of drying normally in the air.

What types of cotton fabric can be tie-dyed?

Every type of our fabric can be tie-dyed, but its color must be soft-white, white, off-white, or unbleached. What we recommend are Kob Cotton, Chinmai Cotton, Dobby Cotton, and Bamboo Cotton.

What types of cotton fabric can be used in the house, for home textiles, or furniture, such as a pillowcase, sofa, curtain, napkin, or dish towel?

For pillowcases and curtains, we recommend Chinmai Cotton and Bamboo Weave Cotton Fabric. For napkins and dish towels, we recommend Kob Cotton and Salu Cotton.

How long does printed fabric take to produce? (

After we finalize the detail for printing and the types of cotton that the customer needs, it takes 14-20 days.

How to Order

I am interested to buy in fewer quantities or retail. Where can I buy it?

You can buy our products in retail from the distributors that we announced here. They have both online shops and actual stores. You can ask for more information through Line.

How can I request samples of the fabric?

You can request via Line Official Account your location for delivery and details about the fabric you want. Nonetheless, you cannot choose the color of the sample.

How long does it take if the fabric is out of stock or in production?

Normally, we produce every color variant of products in stock. However, they might sometimes be out of stock or have not yet reached the schedule of dyeing process. If the fabric is one of the seasonal collections, its dyeing process takes 7-45 days depending on the color shade. If you are interested, please notify us about your demands to include them in the next round of production.

Can I request samples or catalogues?

- We can provide 1-3 hand-size samples. The delivery fee is 35 baht.

- We sell a set of catalogs, including 3 catalogs, which are Chinmai Cotton Fabric, Bamboo Weave Cotton Fabric, and Kob Cotton Fabric for 650 baht.

* If the customer wants only 1 catalog, it costs 350 baht per book.

- We also sell trial sets for 1,400 baht, including the catalog set,

3-yard of Chinmai Cotton Fabric, 3-yard of Bamboo Cotton Fabric, 3-yard of Kob Cotton Fabric, and 3-yard of Dobby Curve-out Cotton Fabric.


What are your delivery services?

We have a shipping service for Bangkok’s inner-to-outer circle (see our map), as well as of service area. The customer can also self-pick up or ask us to find a delivery service nationwide. The customer can notify about shipping fee payment from the origin or destination, except that the delivery service requires to pay the fee from the origin.
Inner circle (Green) = No Delivery Fee; Middle circle (Blue) = 300 baht;
Outer circle (Red) = 500 baht with an order worth at least 35,000 baht

How long do products take to ship?

After we receive the order and payment from the customer, we will notify the shipping date within that day. Normally, the shipping process takes 1-3 business days, depending on the remaining stocks.

Can you export internationally?

Our company can export both FCL and LCL, as well as in every term of export, such as EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. We can also send through couriers, such as DHL, FedEx, and Aramex with our 10-year experience in international export.


How to wash and maintain the cotton fabric?

For How to Wash and Maintaining the Cotton Fabric, every roll of fabric comes with a manual. The customer may scan from the label to access the information or contact us via Line Official Account to acquire the information.


Dobbytext has distributors in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. You can find lists of dealers from the page "Dealers".

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