September 8, 2022

Why do you have to use DOBBYTEX cotton?” Today, Auntie has an answer for you, kids...

Last time, my aunt came to tell me the properties of cotton in general. Today, Auntie will tell you about the properties of Auntie's cotton and how it is good and different. Go deep into the production process It's called carrying together to reach the heart of the aunt who goes deep into every piece that is sent to all lovely customers... Let's go and see what properties of DOBBYTEX cotton fabrics are.

1. Super soft fabric
2. Look good, stay in shape
3. We have produced fabrics that are replicas of hand-woven fabrics. give a feeling of holding and the texture is woven like handmade
4. The color does not fall (dye the big pan) and the color is the same throughout the piece.
5. Produced by bobbin edge machine Make the edge of the fabric not lint. Customers can buy and cut without wasting fabric.


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